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Ways to put bullying prevention month into action

Yesterday 39 News brought you a story of a Jackson Madison County student who has been experiencing bullying. Today we are at Jackson State Community College to talk with an expert about the topic of bullying.

That case of bullying is just one of many more that occur every day all over the nation.

According to Vivian Grooms, dean of social and behavioral sciences at Jackson State Community College, more than 80 percent of people report that they were bullied… and it starts as early as elementary school.

“They begin learning it in elementary school in excluding friends from groups and saying things like I wont be your friend if you don't do different things,” says Grooms.

Bullying can be seen in many different ways. From physical fighting, to name calling, to exclusion from groups, and even over the internet.

“We see so many things happening on social media that they're not equipped to deal with at young ages,” says Grooms.

Grooms says someone being bullied can develop anxiety as well as depression and encourages parents to lookout for common signs.

“Physical problems like stomach aches and don’t want to go to school and this is a repetitive thing you see in a child,” says Grooms.

According to grooms its important to ask open ended questions like what is going on, what could make you feel better, and what could help to try and find out if a child is experiencing bullying.

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