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The District Rolls Out Plans for Two Local Schools

After questions from the school board about the process of a new location for JCM and Madison Academic interim superintendent, Ray Washington, invites the school board and the community to see what the plans are.

Color swatches, blue prints, and sketches lined the library of Jackson Central Merry High.

Each giving a closer look into what the future for Jackson Madison County Schools could look like.

“It feels good to at least be able to display something for people to see what our intentions are and what it could look like", says Washington.

With over 14 million dollars in needed repairs it was decided that building a new school is the better option for Madison Academic.

Madison will be built on the campus of University of Memphis at Lambuth and the new location could give students more opportunities.

Washington adds, “So, for that price why not build a new school and it creates more opportunities for dual enrollment credits.”

After the closing of Jackson Central Merry High in 2016, these renovations will mark its reopening.

One of the architects working on both projects graduated JCM in 1987 and says working on the renovations brings back memories.

Architect, Victor Buchholz, says "It’s is exciting for me as someone who has walked these halls and then taking my first art classes just down the hall here in this building and thinking back on all that.”

Now, washington did say that the building and renovation of these two schools should start by the beginning of next year, in east Jackson for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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