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Mother seeks justice, JMCSS investigates

One student from Southside High School hasn’t been back to school in months, and his mom says she is sad to know his missing out on his education.

“My son's education is beyond dropped because he's been here and he hasn’t been in school,” says mother Angel Barton.

After Angel Barton's son got bullied and even allegedly punched by a 12th grader, he was scared to go back to school.

“So now i'm here, my sons been out of school for 4 months now, he's crying every day, i'm crying for him because I cant do anything for him," says Barton.

Barton says the issue progressed and her son still has not been allowed to go back so she took it to the Jackson Madison County school board meeting.

Her only goal, for her son to continue his education.

Interim superintendent Ray Washington was at Southside High School at 7 the next morning to start investigating the situation.

“Before I make any action or do anything I have to get all sides of the story and given this occurred months back I had to go a little deeper to find out what occurred,” says Washington.

Superintendent Washington says they take every case of bullying very seriously and says they will take necessary measures after the case is thoroughly investigated.

"We take bullying very seriously, it can lead to other things," says Washington.

Right now this case continues to be an open investigation but interim Superintendent Washington urges anyone else who has faced bullying to take it to their school's administration.

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