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Made in Tennessee: Todd Family Fun Farm

“We started with nothing but a big field", says Todd Family Fun Farm owner, Martha Todd.

The Todds opened their family fun farm 10 years ago after someone mentioned the idea to them at the Jackson farmers market.

Owner, Martha Todd, says that this was a new door for her and her husband but she is glad she had help from friends and family.

“We did not know everything when we got started. But we were able to learn from others across the state that had done it for several years.”

The family fun farm was built by the Todds from scratch.

Every maze, game, and swing.

And they pride themselves on the opportunity for visitors to have good country fun.

“They just love the fact that it is country and we are trying to do activities here that provide them just good ole country fun", says Todd.

The fun farm has obstacles, surprises, and mazes that are a little tricky but fun for the entire family.

Although the main goal is to have fun Todd says she had more than fun on her mind when creating the farm.

“We wanted to teach people that didn’t know about agriculture, some things about agriculture.”

Agriculture is a big part of West Tennessee culture and the Todd Family Fun Farm wants children and adults to learn a little something before they leave the farm.

Todd says, "so if we can provide the educational aspect as well as the fun, that’s the ultimate goal is to do that".

Todd Family Fun Farm, made in Tennessee.

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