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13th birthday celebrated with St. Jude fundraiser

The community sung happy birthday for Dallas Weddle’s 13th birthday.

The birthday celebration took place at Jackson city hall and it was all for a good cause.

Instead of receiving gifts on his birthday, Dallas wanted to give one to St. Jude.

Everybody in here is not only celebrating Dalla0's birthday but they're also supporting St. Jude and that’s exactly what Dallas wanted for his birthday after the journey he's been on and all the support he's gotten from St. Jude.

“I'm a patient at St. Jude and I would like to give back to St. Jude for all the nice things they do because you don’t have to pay nothing,” says Dallas Weddle.

Dallas has been a patient at st Jude children's research hospital for about five years now.

St. Jude helps children defeat life threatening diseases, without the family ever receiving a bill.

“St. Jude means everything it’s a manifestation of gods love in action when we walk in the doors of St. Jude we just feel so safe,” says mother Tekia Denwiddie.

The community donated baked goods, and Dallas along with his family and friends spent his birthday having a birthday bake sale, where all the proceeds were donated straight to St. Jude.

Dallas appreciates everything that St. Jude has done for him and his birthday bake sale is just a way to say thank you.

“When I go I feel at home and they're so nice to me,” says Dallas Weddle.

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