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First responders prepare for natural disasters

Cries for help filled the University of Memphis Lambuth's campus this morning.

“Just trying to see what they need to do next. Helicopters are here, we think we may have a medivac emergency where we may need to fly one out of here soon so that’s the early report,” says PIO for the Madison County Sheriff's Dept. Tom Mapes.

People were hurt, branches had flown, objects were everywhere but it was just a tornado simulation and a way for first responders and nursing students to prepare for natural disasters.

The Jackson fire department, Madison County fire department, sheriff's office, the police department, EMA and JEA were all involved in today's tornado disaster drill.

The goal of this was for all the local departments to work together in unity just as they would if there was a real emergency.

“It gives us the opportunity to practice before the real deal because when the time comes we don’t have a warning we just have to get out there and do it,” says Jackson fire department's Jana Compton.

But first responders were not the only ones who gained training from this experience.

UM Lambuth's nursing students who might one day be put into these situations also got participate.

They played victims to see how people might feel during these traumas and how they should help those around them.

“It's important because we could be anywhere at any time and anything could happen and you need to be ready,” says nursing student Ashli Smith.

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