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Breast cancer awareness month is here and doctors have some advice

“It's been five years this year,”says breast cancer survivor Vickie Barnes.

Women everywhere are wearing pink and sharing their story for national breast cancer awareness month.

“It was a very long journey with multiple surgeries and so far so good and five years is great,” says Barnes.

Breast cancer is one of the biggest causes of death of women nationwide but even those who aren't diagnosed are still affected by breast cancer.

Whether it be a mother, a sister, or a friend who has been diagnosed.

“My mother had breast cancer, she is a 48 year survivor of breast cancer and then my sister is a 3 year survivor," says Gerri Buehler.

Owners of aspects and rest and revival came together today to help raise money for research towards breast cancer.

But the importance of breast cancer awareness, also includes women taking care and looking out for their bodies.

Not just during breast cancer awareness month but throughout the entire year doctors say the most important thing for women to do is to get checked.

“I often tell people you always get your gas and filtered checked in your car you're body's that much more important than your vehicle so take care of your body take care of yourself,” says Dr. Jeff Ball.

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