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A Local School Adds a New Facility for Female Students

So, it might look like I’m just walking in an open field. Which I am, but soon it will be the location for a new athletic facility for female athletes at the University School of Jackson.

After months of planning the university school of jackson’s board of trustees approved the building of an athletic locker room for female athletes.

USJ Athletic Director, Michael Stroup, says “You know we are just excited, to get it started, you know it’s taken months to get it right. There has been a lot of thought and planning going into this."

Usually before games the female athletes will change and get ready for at home or in the school’s restrooms.

This new facility will give them the opportunity to get ready as a team and have a space to call their own.

“I’m so excited", says excited freshman soccer player, Ijeoma Oleru.

Freshman soccer player, Ijeoma Oleru, followed in her brothers footsteps and started playing soccer when she was a young girl.

She says this facility has been long awaited.

Oleru says, “We’ve been wanting it for ever. We just want out own space to hang out before we play, so i think it will be good.”

Oleru says the impact that the facility will have on her team will be positive

And she hopes this will bring the team closer together.

“I think it will be a place for us to bond and like, we’ll just be together more if we have our own facility", says Oleru.

The six thousand square feet facility will cost around one million dollars.

There will be two varsity locker rooms, a middle school locker room, with restrooms for each and a lot more.

At USJ for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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