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Mother asks for help in finding her missing son, William Brian McKenzie

“My son is out there somewhere and its already been this many days, 6 days now,” says mother Frances Gaines.

21 year old William Brian McKenzie was last seen on Friday September 27th.

He left work, stopped by a friends house, and called his mom to tell her he was on his way home.

"He said yes mom yes i'm on my way home," says Gaines.

But McKenzie never got home that night

His mom says his bed hasn’t been slept on, his charger, his clothes, and everything looks exactly the same as the last time she saw him and that how she knows he hasn’t been home yet.

His mom, Frances Gaines, says even though he did not make it home that night she still expected to see him at work at the Denny's on Sand Pebble Drive the next day.

The next morning McKenzie was supposed to be working the same shift as his mom at the Denny's right here behind me and when he didn’t show up to work that morning that’s when she says she really knew something was wrong.

The Jackson Police Department confirms that McKenzie has dissapeared under suspicious circumstances and his cell phone appears to be inactive… with the last call being to his mom.

Gaines has spent all these days searching throughout Jackson.

Now she is asking for the community to help her find her son and keep a look out for him and the car he was last driving.

“It’s a 2006 jeep black jeep liberty with star wars stickers on the back on each side of the window,” says Gaines.

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