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Domestic Violence Survivor Speaks Out

One in four women. That’s the amount of women that will experience domestic violence in her life time and that’s why one center in Jackson wants the community to be wrapped in purple for October.

“It’s just like you just all of a sudden find yourself sinking, and there is no lifeline. And that’s what i kinda look at wrap was that life line", says domestic violence survivor, Catherine Taylor.

The women's resource and rape assistance program in Jackson, Tennessee serves women and men in domestic violence situations in 19 counties across West Tennessee.

Catherine Taylor contacted wrap twenty years ago when she realized she was in a situation that she needed help getting out of.

Taylor says, “took me, helped me get through a situation that’s like a nightmare. And i really don’t i can’t see how i would have navigated it without their support.”

Wrap assisted her in court hearings, connected her with a support group, and assisted her in leaving the domestic violence situation.

Wrap is just one agency in the SAFE Hope Center that works to end sexual and domestic violence.

Safe hope navigator, Tyler Carr, says helping others is invaluable.

"Those moments are invaluable for us as service providers. I'm potentially saving someone’s life.”

During this month of october i will be visiting different agencies inside of the safe hope center that work to help end sexual and domestic violence for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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