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The Navy Visits Local High School

Northside High School juniors and seniors were greeted with a surprise today and that surprise could give these indians options after they leave the reservation.

Service over self

"The youth here are very dedicated to service above self”, says Rear Admiral Andy Mueller, Deputy Commander of Navy Recruiting Command.

That is what the navy focuses on when recruiting.

And Rear Admiral Andy Mueller says he sees it right here in Jackson, Tennessee.

The Navy visited North Side High School to hold a swarm event that introduced students to opportunities with the Navy.

Rear Admiral Andy Mueller says, "educate the youth and the teachers and the community about the opportunities the navy has to offer.”

Students were able to interact with recruiters to learn more.

Recruiters also shared their experiences with the students.

“I'm originally from northwest alabama, so i never thought i’d leave now i’ve been all over the world multiple different times, multiple different places", says Petty Officer, Thomas Daily.

Thousands of youth join the navy and other military branches every year.

Northside professional school counselor, Hattie Jones, says that the Navy gave her opportunities that students can still take advantage of today.

"Not only will they benefit financially wise, they will benefit through school and tuition assistance. The Navy will pay for it.”

For 39 News, I'm Imani Williams.

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