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Made in Tennessee: Sexes by Stephanie

As children grow up they dream of their careers in the future.

Growing up around fashion gave Stephanie Wilbourn the dream to be a designer.

“Fashion was always my passion and I always grew up doing that", says Wilbourn.

Wilbourn grew up sewing clothes on her baby dolls to making clothes for people across the country.

She says that designing is deep rooted in her, “my mind never sleeps and it's like i always ask god to give me more vision and creativity, so it’s a daily thing just like I breathe".

After attending Tuskegee University for fashion design and fashion merchandising Wilbourn moved back to Jackson, Tennessee to start her career.

While working in a men's clothing store she knew she wanted to put a twist on a simple accessory – a tie.

Wilbourn says, "I would always play around with the men’s suits and stuff, but I always felt that something else could be done with the tie. And I’ve always liked wearing ties and bow ties and scarves and different stuff like that. So, i was like I'm going to make something with these ties so I started doing a little research".

She launched the 'Adams Apple Escots' a short time after her mom passed.

Wilbourn says she owes her success to her mother.

“Really feel like it's her blessing, because she knows how hard I worked to try to get my brand out there. And I'm telling you, it wasn’t even two months after she passed, it was really three weeks later. And that’s when it birth and it came to reality."

Wilbourn says that her dreams came true by being consistent with her brand.

"You have to actually see yourself there, because if you cant see yourself there actually doing those things, it will never happen. So I always kept the faith and I always stayed determined.”

Wilbourn's brand Sexes by Stephanie also makes jeans, sneakers, jewelry, clothing, and other accessories.

Sexes by Stephanie Made in Tennessee.

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