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City of Jackson streets vandalized

The city of Jackson’s street department has been working on improving and fixing city streets.

Earlier this week they were paving a sidewalk on the corner of College Street and Hays Street in East Jackson.

They finished, and when they came back Wednesday night to see how it looked, they found something else waiting for them instead.

The freshly paved sidewalk had been vandalized with names, curse words, and gang signs.

“It's hard work anyway when we have to come behind people that vandalize it that’s what makes it rough on us," says Lowe.

Concrete supervisor for the city of Jackson Tommy Lowe says this is not the first time this has happened to them, and he says it makes their job a lot more difficult.

Coming back here, repaving, and cleaning up the vandalism cost the street department twice the time and twice the work than expected.

“14 to 16 hours in it when it actually take us 8 hours to get it done,” says Lowe.

Lowe says all the street department is trying to do is keep Jackson beautiful and they would hope other city residents want to do the same.

“It's not just our city, it's their city too, it's everybody's city it belongs to everybody,” says Lowe.

The street department is now encouraging the community to get involved and play their part in keeping Jackson beautiful by calling the Jackson police department when they see people knocking cones down or vandalizing anything.

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