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Major changes in healthcare coming to Gibson County

“It’s a sad day,” says Humboldt city Mayor Marvin Sikes.

The city of Humboldt will soon be saying goodbye to its emergency room, outpatient lab and radiology services all located at the Humboldt medical center.

"Anytime in a city when you lose anything it's bad, but when you lose your healthcare facility its even worse,” says Mayor Sikes.

West Tennessee Healthcare is making some changes to their healthcare in Gibson county after saying that emergency department visits in Humboldt have dropped significantly over the past five years.

As one door closes in Humboldt, another door opens with the huge investment the Milan general hospital will be seeing.”

West Tennessee Healthcare is investing more than 5.5 million dollars for renovations and for the expansion of the emergency department at Milan general hospital.

That will expand the department and reduce the overflow by adding more space and extra beds to the existing facility.

“We're really excited about West Tennessee Healthcare's investment in Milan,” says Milan city Mayor BW Beasley.

The expansion in Milan is expected to be done in 2021.

But in the meantime, Humboldt is glad they still have their sports and rehab center, a mothers love program, and conference center while they continue to be optimistic for the future.

“Financially better for them in the future to be a part of this community,” says Mayor Sikes.

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