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Governor Lee Tours JCM Early College High

"You know, four years ago early college high was an idea.”

JCM Early College High graduated their first class this may and now have the attention of the governor.

The high school focuses on giving students more than a highschool diploma when they graduate.

Some students receive an associates degree and others get hands on experience in the workforce.

(nathan lewis – jcm principal)

Principal, Nathan Lewis, says this program could be successful across the state,“and it’s great to now to see and to show this kind of program can be successful in Tennessee.”

Governor bill lee spoke to students both on the path to an associates degree and those who work at Stanley Black and Decker through the local options and opportunities program.

Governor lee spoke on how this program could be a model for schools across the state.

After governor bill lee talked with students at jcm early college high he traveled to stanley black and decker to see what the kids are working on.

Governor Lee and his commissioners toured stanley black and deckers to get a feel of what students in the loop program do everyday.

"You know what's most exciting about today is when i interviewed and talked with young people on the floor who are in high school and working and excited about their future and have a sense of where they are going", says Governor Lee.

Governor Lee says that this program shows that education is more than numbers.

“Education is not just about a test score. It is about preparing a child for success in life. And that’s what’s happening right here.”

The amount of students in the loop program have gone up from the initial 25 the first year to 50 this school year.

For 39 news I'm Imani Williams.

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