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A Local Festival Approaches

Later this month downtown Jackson will completely change as Jackson's International Food and Art Festival approaches. Main street will be filled with vendors with food and art representing different cultures across the country.

“The mission was to embrace the people here in jackson and in west tennessee and i think we have achieved that goal", says festival co chair, Eudardo Morales.

The Jackson International Food and Art Festival began six years ago.

The attendance has grown from 2,000 people in attendance to last years 10,000.

Co chair of the festival Dr. Sandra Dee says this festival allows the community to experience other cultures.

"I believe if you experience and connect with other people from different cultures, by understanding their history, art, culture, music, you could very well be more understanding of their differences.”

The festival held a press conference to share updates on this year's festivities.

The festival features a parade, food and art vendors, and live performances.

With over 70 booths already booked they expect to give everyone a taste of home.

Dee says, “You miss home, having a festival like this is a way for you to celebrate and be reminded of home.”

The festival hopes to bring different communities together as one and embrace every skin tone and language in the Jackson community.

“Because we are one, you know. Regardless of our color, our language and our creed", says Dee.

In downtown Jackson for 39 news I'm Imani Williams.

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