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Jackson State's OTA Program is Excited about Successful Students

Excited for school?

“We were texting each other, I was like this is not real."

These two first year occupational therapy students explained how they felt when they received their admittance letter.

There is a growing need for occupational therapy assistants in the region and Jackson State Community College is helping to supply them.

“You get more of like a connection feel to people when you are in this type of work. It’s not just work, it’s more fun than that.”

The occupational therapy assistant or o-t-a program at Jackson State recently graduated their third class.

And the entire class passed their national board exams.

This exam is required to receive certification, licensure, and to get a job.

Professor, Gwen Foxx says this let's her know they are doing something right,“this is our first one that has 100 percent and it just makes me that what I’m teaching and what our community and our peers that are helping out with our students learn, know that they are learning and have learned what they needed."

The occupational therapy classroom is not so conventional, they have sections like this bedroom, this kitchen, and this living room to give students hands on experience on how to work with patients.

This hands on experience is a key tool to the success students have in the program.

1st year student Madison Holt says she is confident in Jackson State.

“It’s like a mix of feelings for me, like a little intimidating like i want to live up to those expectations and do as good as their doing. But at the same time we are being provided the tools to get here, so it kinda makes me feel confident in my school.”

For 39 News, I'm Imani Williams.

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