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Tips and tricks for Fall gardening

Fall is right around the corner and although the weather does not seem to be changing yet experts say now is the time to start getting ready for the new season.

“The fall color, the trees, the cooler temperature, pumpkins its that season,” says James Wick.

There are many things they recommend people do so they can plant their fall garden on time starting with removing some of the plants that are fading out, checking for diseases and insects, and mulching.

"Weed out your beds really really well and then put down an additional layer of mulch to help insulate those roots for the coming winter months,” says Celeste Scott.

In West Tennessee the fall weather are some of the driest months so one of the most important tips they give is to water more than any other season.

“If we're going a week without rain we can still have 90 degrees in October so its important any of your new planted plants you do need to water,” says Wick.

Right now isn’t only the time when people can start getting their gardens ready for Fall but they can already start planting their fall plants.

Fall is the season for turnips, collards, kale, and other cool season greens.

But most importantly, they encourage people to get out into their gardens and enjoy another season of planting.

“Just enjoy the fall season there's lots you can do,” says Wick.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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