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Lane College remembers 9/11

Lane College had a walk to remember in memory of 9/11, and the 18th anniversary of the horrific terrorist attack.

“I'm here to honor those who lost their lives in 9/11 and those who were injured,” says Carmen Holmes.

The event was sponsored by the Lane College frontline veterans.

Students started with a prayer and then with a flag in hand started their walk.

The students started the walk right here at Bray hall and made their way all the way around campus. It's not a very long walk but what it represents is huge.

“We want to do it to remember those who died, who were attacked, the families, and they can relate as well because they have families and loved ones who have gone to serve our country,” says Melinda Richardson.

Even 18 years later, students recognize the severity of this terrorist attack as they think about the two planes that struck the world trade center in 2001.

“My parents are in the military so it just makes me wonder it could’ve been them but i'm not from New York but it could've been us in that crash,” says Holmes.

This was only the first year of the remembrance walk but Lane College hopes it is the first of many more.

They hope generations far in the future continue this new tradition at Lane College to remember those fallen on 9/11.

From Lane College, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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