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Jackson Fire Departments Remembers Heroic First Responders

18 years ago today tragedy struck the country.

“There was a gut wrenching pain, I was working that day.”

September 11th is observed as Patriot Day to remember the heroes and victims of attacks in 2001.

The Jackson Fire Department held a ceremony to pay their respects to all first responders.

“And that’s why each year we celebrate and commemorate the loss the heroes and the victims.”

The fire department had a moment of silence, prayer, and tolled the bell in honor of the 18th anniversary.

Fire Chief, Darryl Samuels, says that remembering the past helps the future.

“If you remember the past and live in the present. Then you can plan a better future.”

History surrounds communities across the world. September 11th 2001 is history that will not be forgotten and parents want to make sure they share that history with their children.

Local mom, Melinda Musselman, brought her daughter to the ceremony.

“And they also need to learn history so, they can have a greater value for the freedoms and the blessings that we have today and they can see their responsibility in protecting that for the future.”

Fire chief samuels says they will continue to honor first responders each year.

For 39 news, I'm Imani Williams.

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