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Lane College holds suicide awareness event and art show

“Into the light, let hope shine,” says Kimberly Morris.

That is the title of the event Lane College held today and that is also what they wanted everyone to leave with.. hope.

“We want the community to know there's hope and support out there and you're not alone,” says Morris.

Lane honored suicide awareness month with a suicide awareness and prevention event.

The biggest part of the event was the art show that featured inspiring pieces that students made themselves.

“I just started painting with the strokes but I put on my painting it goes dark to light and that’s the darkness that tries to overtake it but my light will always shine through,” says Alexandra Perpener.

This is the first year that Lane’s art club has participated in the event.

It aims to take the awareness even further and connect with anyone who comes across the artwork, letting them know they are not along.

“Sometimes there are things so unspeakable that we go through that give us these unshakable feelings of loneliness, dread, sometimes words and not enough, sometimes you may not understand it but I guarantee you, you can look at a piece of art and without words I can communicate some feelings through color,” says Morris

From Lane College, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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