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ARM helps individuals like Terrance Merry every day

Terrance Merry spends his days working for fresh start cutting grass at the cemetery and other businesses around Jackson.

He then goes home to the turning point house, a house for men who were once homeless.

But it is no coincidence that fresh start, and turning point are a big part of his life because for Merry that is exactly what he did.

Just 5 years ago Merry was homeless living out of a tent in the woods of Jackson, until he found Area Relief Ministries, or ARM.

“They brought me food, they brought me things i needed, gave me a part time job. It may not sound like much but id rather do this and have some change in my pocket than do nothing and not have anything,” says Merry.

Now, Merry is self sufficient, pays rent, and even goes back to arm to help others who were in the same position he was once in.

Merry is just one of the many people area relief ministries helps every single day and like this house it is a turning point that opens the doors for opportunities every day.

Area Relief Ministries is a non profit organization in Jackson that has helped thousands of people in West Tennessee get back on their feet.

“We've had some that have gone through the program now they're completely self sufficient and that’s our goal,” says executive director Michael Roby.

Merry’s story is an example of how ARM can help turn someones life around, and he says he hopes to see the same change in others as well.

“It ain't going to happen overnight but things do happen," says Merry.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

Area Relief Ministries 43rd annual Salt and Light banquet featuring Shenandoah will be on September 12th.

For tickets visit the Civic Center, Eventbrite, or call the Area Relief Ministries office.

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