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The Jurnett brothers make a special unveiling for Labor Day

The epic 5 of Crockett County, also known as the Jurnett brothers made a special unveiling during the Labor Day holiday.

Each one of the Jurnett brothers came up one by one.

They remembered the time they spent serving their country together as well as when they were in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.

Only the second time five brothers have simultaneously served in a war.

“A lot of people don’t know it but a veteran isn’t just someone who puts on a uniform and fight for their country. They are a person who dies for their country, someone who cries for their country, they sacrifice for their families,” says Tommy Jurnett.

And with the monument that was unveiled today in their hometown at Maury City Park, they have something in their community that will long outlive them.

The Jurnett brothers say this monument isn’t just for them but that its here to honor veterans and inspire other kids in the community.

“Hopefully it'll inspire other young men and women to be a part of their country not just in combat and the military but as part of the community,” says Jurnett.

Everyone who was there, including their mother is proud to have the Jurnett brothers as a part of Crockett County.

“I just want to let everyone know i love them I appreciate them and i'm proud of the kids,” says Minnie Pearl Jurnett.

From Maury City, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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