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Made In Tennessee: Saucy Jake's

After a dream in 2010 and a walk of faith Saucy Jake's Street Food opened for business in 2016.

The dream, was the original Saucy Jakes Sauce.

Jacob Richmond, owner, says it all came to him at 3 AM,“It’s about 3 o clock in the morning and i am making this sauce and she probably thought she was crazy. Because she woke up and she smelled. Like what are you doing?”

Jacob and Regina Richmond both were tired of working for others and decided they wanted a change.

“We decided we were going to step out on faith and it was time to do something different", says owner Regina Richmond.

Although the couple wanted a change, opening a new business was a little scary.

“We gone step out here and do this truck and I don’t know if I’m going to see two people or twenty people or what. Are we going to be able to pay the bills? You know it was for me in a sense very stressful in the beginning", says Jacob.

Saucy Jakes recently opened their first store front on Campbell in Jackson, Tennessee.

The restaurant previously served from their food truck but after their growing number of customers they knew a move was needed.

Regina said,“We just needed more room, because we started to see more and more people.”

Now Saucy Jake's serves up street food like nachos, burgers, loaded fries and wings and all of these recipes came about after a lot of test tasting.

“Always had people over to the house and cooking and barbecuing and stuff for people. A lot of guinea pigs, here and there", they both agreed.

After 3 years of business the richmonds say that it has been great watching their business grow.

Jacob says, "It’s been a good thing, you know to see god’s work come to it’s full fruition like it has.”

Saucy Jake's Made in Tennessee.

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