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TDOT makes Labor Day weekend travel less stressful

People all over the country are hitting the road to start their Labor Day holiday travel.

Danielle Mcknight-Zellner and her family drive over nine hours every single year for labor day weekend.

“So this is a tradition of ours we go down every Labor Day weekend for a family reunion.” says Mcknight-Zellner.

According to AAA, Labor Day weekend is one of the most traveled weekends of the entire summer.

And they project a lot more people than last year plan to drive to their destination.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is doing their part to help.

Starting tomorrow at noon TDOT will be halting all lane closures on state highways and interstates to make holiday travel just a little less stressful.

“If you don’t have to worry about that and try to look at an app to see where congestion is and everything it makes it a lot easier to not have to think about it and just get to where you're going,” says Michael Welch.

The goal of opening up lane closures is to reduce delays and keep everyone moving during a time when the roads are extra busy so people can see their friends and family for the holiday weekend even sooner.

“Traffic has been excellent we left at a perfect time everybody has been good,” says Mcknight-Zellner.

Although there will be no lane closures, there will still be construction zones that TDOT encourages people to look out for.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

TDOT will be opening up lane closures tomorrow at noon and they will last until 6 am Tuesday morning.

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