A Local Elementary School Adds a New Pre-K Class

With the preschool waiting list growing and extra state funds the Jackson Madison County School system decided to add a pre-k class to Andrew Jackson.

JMCSS added more than 4 pre-k classes across the district to serve an additional 100 pre school students.

But Andrew Jackson was the only school who added its first pre-k class.

Mary Myers, Leader of Early Foundations, said Andrew Jackson was a great choice.

"Andrew Jackson , is just a wonderful place because we had such a need in the intercity for more pre-k classes”

Pre- k is a big step for young children but leader of early foundation, Mary Myers says it’s a great introduction to school.

“Introduces them to big school. And that’s one of the reasons why i like to have students that are going to go to an elementary school attend the pre-k that is at their site.”

Jasmine Pearman teaches the new pre – k class at Andrew Jackson.

And Pearman says that the tools her students learn in pre-k can help them throughout life.

“It also gives them a foundation to learn how to communicate their feelings as they get older.”

The new pre-k class at Andrew Jackson will join the other 17 classes that are state funded.

Myers hopes to continue growing the pre – k education program in Jackson/Madison County.

“My hope would be that we can continue to expand it, of course that is going to be contingent on funding.”

For 39 news I'm Imani Williams.

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