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RIFA's biggest food drive of the year is here

“People always ask us what's your biggest fundraiser and this is it by a long shot,” says Lindsay Dawkins.

Trinity Christian and the University School of Jackson’s annual food drive is the answer to that question.

In the past eight years the two schools have raised more than 383 thousand pounds of food.

And now that they are in their 9th year, they are ready to reach this years goal.

“Yesterday me and 2 other seniors went door to door asking for donations then we also purchased some,” say students McKenna Smith and Anika Mahajan.

This year USJ and Trinity have a goal to bring in at least 90 thousand pounds of food to RIFA.

The food drive provides 10 percent of the meals here at RIFA and it comes at a time when RIFA says they most need donations.

“As we get into November and December a lot of food goes in and out of RIFA because of the holidays with Thanksgiving and Christmas so we send out a lot of food boxes during that season,” says Dawkins.

And to the schools, the food drive is more than just a fundraiser.

It is a way to be involved and give back to their local community.

"And so knowing we do make a difference in whats going on here in the community encourages us the faculty staff students parents everyone involved in the school comm to get involved in the fundraiser,” says David Suber.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.


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