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Strides are made at the city's second budget meeting

Members of the city of Jackson's budget committee left this mornings meeting with confidence as they look into the future of the city.

“I just feel really good about where were moving as a city,” says Paul Taylor.

During the committee's second meeting they discussed timelines for some bonds, they approved a recommendation for a municipal adviser, and they had some discussions and policies and recommendations for the mayor and council in the coming months.

But most importantly, the committee approved what they have been working on for the past five weeks, a capitol budget for fiscal year 2020.

“We're trying to just establish a new baseline for the city based on capital needs, on the way were operating so were still on the analysis stage were starting to put somethings in order to tackle some of those issues,” says Taylor.

The total projected for fiscal year 2020 is almost 6 million dollars.

The budget committee added things like a new pumper truck for the fire department and fixing the sinkhole at Oman arena in hopes this plan can go through the next five years.

“Unfortunately we're having to borrow money but cracking a plan where we can borrow less every year and reducing our overall debt,” says Mayor Scott Conger.

The budget committee will be presenting the budget to the entire city council next week.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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