Made in Tennessee: Piggyback Smokers

Just last week a business in West Tennessee celebrated its fourth anniversary.

“I'm very thankful for all of it, I look back and i never dreamed or imagined it'd be the size that it is,” says owner Thomas Conatser.

Piggyback smokers started in August of 2015.

And since then, they have continued to grow every day.

Piggyback Smokers sells all over the country. These two behind me are headed to Alabama and this one is headed North to Connecticut… but they're not done growing just yet.

They are celebrating their fourth anniversary by opening up another facility.

With that, Piggyback hopes to double their production of hundreds of smokers a year.

Owner of Piggyback Smokers, Thomas Conatser says the high demand for their smokers is because of the originality and custom build that they bring to every single smoker.

“If you want something your neighbor doesn’t have, your neighbor could never dream of… that’s where we come into play,” says Conatser.

But what piggyback is most proud of is being a part of West Tennessee.

“It's amazing to be able to see this product made in west tn and to see someone in West Tennessee to have this product and I see it and know we made it here it really feels like an accomplishment to be able to make it here,” says general manager Brad Richardson.

Four years later, and Piggyback says they wont stop here.

They are looking forward to the future of Piggyback Smokers.

“I feel like we shoot for the sky currently so the next step is the universe,” says Conatser.

Piggyback Smokers, made in Tennessee!

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