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Local County Fair Opens for the 164th Year.

The oldest running fair in the American South sits right here in West Tennessee.

The Gibson County Fair has been opening its gates since the 1860’s.

The fair is known for its good food, competition, and also its volunteers.

Andy Zarecor, member of the fair board says, “And to see volunteers working. Volunteerism is a kind of a dying art in our community.”

Volunteers come in all age groups and one says this is the best part of the year.

"Its always been a highlight of the fall. To come to the gibson county fair", says volunteer, Mary Kaye Campbell.

Now some people that come to the fair are ready to get on this ferris wheel but some are just ready for their competition.

One competitor Haleigh Haynes has participated in the Gibson County Fair competitions since the 7th grade.

Haynes placed first in showmanship this year and could not be more excited.

Haynes says, “it means a lot to me. Because i look up to doing this stuff all the time and i put a lot of work into winning showmanship. Working with your animal, prepping, answering questions, eye contact. It’s a lot of work. But it pays off.”

Although many have been competing for a while, 15 year old, Havannah Wood is participating for the first time.

Wood hopes to continue to compete with livestock as she gets older.

“I’m looking forward to working more with live stock and getting to learn more about them. And to compete in more shows in the upcoming years", says Havannah Wood.

Andy Zaecor says he hopes the fair continues for another 164 years.

“We hope to be around another 164 years. With different events and competitions.”

In Trenton… for 39 news I'm Imani Williams.

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