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First lady Lee continues her initiative, Tennessee Serves

The senior center in the city of Bolivar got a surprise today from the first lady of Tennessee Maria Lee.

“Wonderful, wonderful because we couldn’t believe it,” says Faye Brooks.

Lee is continuing her initiative known as Tennessee Serves where she visits communities of counties all throughout Tennessee, especially distressed counties.

And every month her initiative has a different theme.

For the month of August Lee is focusing on serving senior citizens.

“I hope they just recognize they have purpose,” says Lee.

Lee spent the entire morning getting to know seniors in Hardeman County.

First lady lee isn’t just here to serve food, she is here to serve the entire community. After today she hopes to have a little bit more knowledge about what she and gov bill lee can do to better serve Hardeman County.

“It gives us more insight it helps us to start thinking how we can help even further in distressed counties," says Lee.

She hopes Tennessee Serves is something she can inspire other Tennesseans to become a part of as well.

She encourages people to get out into their communities and do Tennessee Serve's monthly service challenges along with her.

"So we are just hoping more people hear about the initiative, take their own initiative and jump into their own communities and start serving,” says Lee.

And this isn't Lee’s last stop.

She is only on her 7th stop of the 15 distressed counties in Tennessee

From Bolivar, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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