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The Jackson Kiwanis Club was chartered in Jackson, Tennessee in 1955.

They club focuses on helping children and the communities they live in.

Today the Kiwanis Club held their annual first responders lunch.

Kevin Andrews, program director says, “small way of giving them a little recognition for the hard work they do and the dedication they provide."

Every year first responders are recognized from departments across the city and county.

Those awarded are chosen by the peers they work with.

There were six first responders awarded today and some were very surprised.

“I am extremely surprised. I had no idea coming into today that i was going to get it”, says Officer Josh Keller.

Officer Josh Keller has worked with the Jackson Police Department since 2017.

Keller says he is thankful to be chosen.

“I am grateful that the command staff here saw the potential in me to give me this award.”

Hard work was a characteristic that made the honorees stand out to their peers.

Keller says that this award will just motivate him to continue working hard.

“It does somewhat motivate you to see that your hardwork is paying off. I would say we don’t really see the difference we make in the community daily, but to see that other people see it. It really makes a difference", says Keller.

Kevin Andrews, program director, says that this is a great way to show appreciation for all first responders.

“It definitely gives them a sense of recognition. That’s what we are here to. A small token of appreciation."

For 39 News. I'm Imani Williams.

For 39 news… i’m imani williams.

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