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In 1985 Asia Garden began to enter the stomachs of many people in the Jackson community.

“When we’ve been here as long as we’ve been. You kinda become a small part of a lot of different peoples lives."

After 35 years of business the restaurant still thrives

Eddie Yeh the current owner of Asia Garden took over the business after his parents retired 12 years ago.

Yeh says the continued business is his biggest accomplishment

“I think what i am most proud of is still being here after all these years. 35 years in the resturant business is hard to do, especially here in Jackson. You know we've got a lot of choices to choose from" says Yeh.

Asia garden specializes in Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

The kitchen staff prepares everything daily from scratch.

The kitchen manager… Tony Castano says this job helps him support his family.

Tony Castano says, “If i work in this place I am able to raise my family and pay my bills and own a house and stuff.”

Castano makes sure that all the food is prepared correctly to keep customers coming back.

90 percent of the customers that eat at Asia Garden are repeat customers.

The growth of Jackson has impacted Asia Garden over the last few years. Mr. Yeh is grateful for the customers that continue to eat with them after 35 years.

"So we know our customers. We have customers that were little kids when they first started coming here and now they are bringing their kids here”, says Yeh.

Asia garden Made in Tennessee

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