Local business ready to open while gas stations see consequences for selling to minors

First on the agenda at this morning's beer board meeting was to consider a request for the business known as Cody's on Heritage Square.

Paula Kim Rundles recently took over ownership and went through a series of questions from the board before getting her license for selling storing and serving beer approved.

“Make sure they follow the laws and regulations we have in place," says Councilman Johnny Dodd.

After events like a shooting last year, Cody's says they plan to not only change their look but also the way things were being done.

“We're trying to have a better standing with the community,” says Tim Seratt.

Four gas stations in Jackson also had to come across the board.

The Jackson Police Department sent a confidential source under the age of 21 to buy alcohol and they all had successful purchases.

It was the first offense for BP and Valero on Hollywood Drive as well as Valero on south highland.

They were given a 30 day suspension unless a fine was paid in the next seven days.

Unlike the others A&A Stop was caught selling both alcohol and tobacco to minors more than once so the board decided to give them an even stricter sentence.

A&A Stop was given a 30 day suspension without a way to get out of it, and if they are caught selling to a minor again the board says their license will be revoked.

“Not trying to bring you out of business were trying to do whats right for our community and selling beer is a privilege,” says Councilman Dodd.

39 news spoke to the owner, Kamlesh Patel and he says they're already talking about being more observant when checking ID’s.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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