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Country music artist Darryl Worley continues to give back to his community

Country music artist Darryl Worley travels all over the world but always comes back to his roots in his hometown of Savannah, Tennessee.

“Honestly it’s the people in that place that ground you and make you want to be there,” says Worley.

And its not just coming back to Savannah that he looks forward to, its giving back to his community.

Almost 20 years ago Worley turned a dream into reality with the Darryl Worley Foundation and now the foundation has given more than a million dollars to those in need.

Worley says it leaves him speechless.

“It’s a massive blessing i don’t know how to put it into words. I think we're all the same it warms our heart to the point i could just cry,” says Worley.

The foundations biggest fundraiser is the Tennessee river run.

This year will mark the 18th year of the river run… where thousands of people will come together for what Worley refers to as a party on the water.

Funds from the river run come right back to the Hardin County community and the Darryl Worley Cancer Treatment Center is just one of those many ways.

Apart from the foundation and the cancer center, Worley has a project in the works with the Hardin County school system called the leader in me, and works with the Aspell recovery center in Hardin County.

"The foundation are a part of what made it possible for us to come down here," says Jesse Johnson.

Worley not only hopes his actions pour hope into the community, but that they outlive him.

"I pray that when my time here is finished someone sees this for what it is says we need to carry this work on," says Worley.

From Savannah, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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