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Congressman David Kustoff at Roundtable Discussion

Congressman David Kustoff joined industry leaders in Jackson and Madison County to discuss the economy in Tennessee.

“So the feedback that I get from roundtables like the one we had this morning it helps me not only to vote it helps me draft legislation”, say Kustoff.

The current unemployment rate is at a 50-year low and over one million jobs have been added to the economy.

Kustoff says, “the challenge to attract new employees qualified employees who can do the jobs of those who are retiring. That is true for West Tennessee and the Nation.”

Although the lack of skilled workers is high the Jackson chamber continues to work with businesses… the school system… and local colleges to train young adults to be workforce ready.

Mandy White, Vice President of Economic Development for the Jackson Chamber says, “So it is important to us to work with students graduating college to understand what paths to choose. Choosing a career in a skilled area could provide a very wonderful career opportunity.”

Kustoff also gives advice on how businesses can attract potential employees.

“To make sure they are competitive in terms of what they are offering”, says Kustoff.

For 39 news… I’m Imani Williams.

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