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Merriweather releases a proposal for JMCSS

Proposal for unity in the community… that’s the title of an email Jackson Madison County school system board member Morris Merriweather sent out last Friday.

The proposal includes many different aspects, in hopes to satisfy community members all throughout the city of Jackson.

“We have a division among the board, we have division in the community, somewhere along the line we have got to bring it together so i got to thinking what can we do to make sure the total community can be happy with whats going on in public education,” says Merriweather.

In the proposal, Merriweather recommends that the new pope school be build on Ashport Road, that the city donates Oman Arena , and that Madison and JCM are built even if the public private partnership fails.

It also adds that Madison, JCM and Pope school are all built simultaneously.

Unfortunately, response to the proposal have not been positive.

“They must be planning on not building JCM because i'm getting a lot of kickback,” says Merriweather.

School board chair Kevin Alexander says he asked Merriweather not to release the proposal.

Regardless of whether or not Alexander wanted the proposal to be released there are a couple of things in it that lead him to believe that the proposal would be impossible.

“The Oman Arena, the city being able to fund the school without the public private going through,” says Alexander.

At the end of the proposal Merriweather also asked for signatures from the County Commission as well as Jackson city Mayor and Madison county Mayor.

He says he has not yet received a response from any of them.

For 39 news, i'm Camila Rueda.

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