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Made in Tennessee: Moore Studio

“He would use flash powder… he would go *pusch* like that."

Mitch Carter the third generation owner of Moore Studio in Jackson, Tennessee remembers the old way to take photos.

Moore studio has been in the Jackson community since 1903 when Robert and Betty Moore moved here from North Carolina.

Carter started his career at Moore Studio when he was 18 and after 60 years he still loves to get behind the camera.

Mitch Carter says, "It’s just fun to be a photographer. Just to wake up every day and know that you are going to get to do these."

Moore Studio has taken photos for schools… county and city officials… and the local Miss Tennessee Pageant.

And over time the studio has expanded.

“The whole design of it. Laying it out and everything. I got to do each one of those brick by brick, place it and fix it.This is my little love of things I got here", says Carter.

Carter hopes to continue the legacy of the studio with other photographers in west Tennessee.

Jason Hartin, the owner and lead photographer at the school division studio in Humboldt says that carter has had an impact on his photography.

“Having Mitch around as a mentor has been great to help elevate my photography."

Carter says being a part of history is what he is most proud about.

"And to know that my company has been a part of this for all these years… that’s really special to me”

“Moore Studio Made in Tennessee”

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