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Faces Not Forgotten

More than 100 kids paint the walls inside the Hub Club, all of them victims of gun violence throughout the nation.

“I'm the mother of Rodney and Valonte Smith who were mistakenly murdered at the same time December 17, 1993 in Washington DC the nations capital,” says Shanda Smith.

Faces Not Forgotten is a showcase of art that aims to provide awareness and education of the families impacted by violence in hopes to try and create safer communities.

“This brings things to realization where people can see it and it will jog your heart and mindset and let you know what is really going on," says Pastor Benton.

Each quilt includes 8 faces, to represent the number of kids under 20 years old that are killed by gun violence every single day.

The quilts are built with faces from St. Louis, Washington DC, Texas, New Jersey, Georgia, and even Tennessee.

Each one of these quilts represent kids from a different state but what they all have in common is that these faces will never be forgotten.

“He liked to help people and he was a friend to everybody, everyone in Jackson knew him,” says Tara Person.

Tara person’s son Xavier was killed in Brownsville in 2008.

Person says she continues to grieve her sons death every day but Rizpah and Faces Not Forgotten let her know she is not alone.

“It makes us stronger and more positive that we can lean on each other and not be judged," says Person.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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