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Humboldt farmers market

“We have hungarian wax, infernal hot bananas..." says farmer Randy Long.

Farmer Randy Long comes out to the Humboldt farmers market multiple times a week to get rid of the crops he grows on his farm.

But before there was a Humboldt farmers market, Long was selling his products from his house in Atwood.

Long has only been coming for a couple weeks, but says he already sees the benefit of attending a farmers market instead.

"A lot of people don’t know how to get there they have the farmers market set up everybody can come out there and you got several more convenient vendors there and there's more to choose from,” says Long.

Humboldt chamber director Amanda Love saw the need for a farmers market in her community and brought the idea to life.

“We would have people set up on corners that wasn’t anything organized so we decided we would organize it,” says Love.

The Humboldt farmers market has become a prominent place for community members to routinely buy their home grown vegetables.

Having a local farmers market here isn’t only beneficial to the farmers but also to the Humboldt community members that aren’t wanting to drive 30 minutes to get their fresh vegetables.

“You stop in one place and you can get several different fresh vegetable its always good because it saves you money on gas,” says Ivory Jones.

Love started the Humboldt farmers market at the end of last summer, and there has been such good feedback this year it will continue through November.

From 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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