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JMCSS board discussion the location for new Pope school

Jackson Madison County Superintendent Ray Washington along with school board members all agree that there has to be a new Pope School.

"I want to get this in place and taken care of without any more impediments we need to do it,” says Washington.

What the discussion at last nights school board meeting was about was where to build it: Ashport Road or Passmore Lane.

The school system brought in architects to compare both pieces of land.

After evaluation, they said Passmore Lane was a better location but the school system needs another piece of assurance.

“With these surveys and the soil tests well do well confirm these properties are available to be built upon without environmental hazards.” says Washington.

While JMCSS is waiting on the tests, the Madison County finance committee took action.

During this mornings county commission finance meeting, Gary Deaton motioned to buy this land on Ashport Lane and after a vote the purchase passed.

“We on the commission are ready to move forward to do the things that will help enhance education,” says Madison County Commission chairman Gary Deaton.

The committee's vote will now go to the county commission for approval during their August meeting.

Some school board members do not think it will pass.

“I was so concerned about children going on Ashport Road, were going to pay for street widening, traffic lights, and those kinds of things," says school board member Doris Black.

The school board hopes to make a decision on the new Pope K-8 location at their next meeting.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.


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