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TDOT construction changes on Highland to keep in mind

Construction on the 45 Bypass may be complete, but now its started further north on Highland Avenue.

And Jackson city residents are noticing the changes.

“I always notice new construction especially here at the interstate and Highland, a very busy part of town,” says Jackson resident Bob Smith.

After the work this weekend, the cloverleaves at Exit 82 are closed and drivers have new lights between Vann Drive and Carriage House Drive that take them onto i40.

The Tennessee Dept of Transportation says this is just the start of a much bigger plan.

“Closing the cloverleaves and adding that additional red light is going to allow us to safely go in there and demolish the bridge over Highland,” says Nichole Lawrence, community relations officer for TDOT region 4.

TDOT plans to begin the demolition and the reconstruction of the bridge this weekend.

And although Jackson residents aren't used to this traffic they say they're looking forward to what the end of the project will add to the city.

“Change is really good for our community but i just feel its overwhelming and a lot of change at the same time,” says Jackson resident April Deberry.

“I feel eventually its going to be a benefit to everyone but its just getting used to it that’s the issue,” says Smith.

TDOT encourages people to leave a few minutes earlier when traveling through the Carriage House and Vann Drive area of Highland until they get used to the congestion and the new lights.

“Just make sure you check your travel times if you have to leave a few minutes earlier do that," says Lawrence.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.


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