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West Tennessee's composite artist and her impact

The only composite artist in West Tennessee is located right here in Jackson.

Lindsay Kilburn provides a unique tool for investigators, her job is to be a victim or a witnesses eyes on paper.

“I do an initial talk with them, have forms that I fill out see what they saw. Have a rough sketch filled in all while they're looking at it, making changes, once its like okay that looks like i'll start shading," says Kilburn.

The process can take anywhere from an hour to a couple of hours.

She speaks to the victim or witness, sketches out what they describe, and she continues to work on it until the person says it looks just like who they remember.

"Once i get all those components put together and the person i'm interviewing okays it then we have a finished composite,” says Kilburn.

And her art can greatly impact a case.

"It's really close. We're really fortunate and very proud of her," says Sheriff John Mehr.

Kilburn has been using her art skills to help with investigations for over 10 years now and says her favorite part of it all is getting to help law enforcement.

“My favorite part is getting to help law enforcement and being able to provide a tool that they may not have otherwise had or been able to utilize to help them solve a crime,” says Kilburn.

Kilburn says she's happy to help any law enforcement agency who could use her unique set of skills in an investigation.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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