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Top Toyota executive visits local factory

One of the top executives from Toyota North America made a stop in the Hub city today to talk about the state of the company.

Chris Reynolds, the head of manufacturing for Toyota North America was at the Toyota Bodine plant in west Madison county this afternoon visiting the plant.

Reynolds spoke to local media during his visit and talked at length on many different subjects including the impact of the trade tariffs and the current state of the company.

He also spoke on one of the issues facing both the bodine plant and the company at large, recruiting skilled workers.

"We have a crying need for skilled workers, so if you're a skilled worker and you can display the kind of skills we need here, we'd like to see it but more importantly, if you don't have those skills there are programs here in tennessee where you can get them."

Reynolds also added that toyota is working on reducing their carbon emissions by 90 percent before the year 2050.

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