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Immigrant family seeks help from the Jackson community

Just two days ago the Cirpaci family was living out of their van in the Walmart parking lot.

“One of our supporters brought this family they'd met on the streets that was living in a van with their four children in need of food and a place to stay,” says Director of Area Relief Ministries Michael Roby.

Cirpaci Ionel, his wife, and their four children immigrated from Romania and are currently awaiting their asylum hearing that’s at the end of August.

After that they plan to move to Colorado where they know some people but until then, the family is not allowed to leave the area and is seeking help from the community to get by.

“We just let them move in and gave them a place to live and just trying to help them with food,” says ARM volunteer Michael Pappis.

Michael Pappis, a volunteer at area relief ministries has temporarily given the family a place to live.

Pappis says Cirpaci knows a little bit of English but they’ve mostly been communicating through google translate.

And when he asked him what he needs the most, Cirpaci said a job.

He has experience as a mechanic but is willing to do anything

“The oil change, breaks, tire of a car,” says Cirpaci.

And a job isn’t the only thing they need. The cirpassi family is also in need of money, food, clothing and shelter and they ask anyone whos able to help to contact the First United Methodist Church in Downtown Jackson.

From Jackson, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.”

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