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First responders introduce "Help Us Find You!" initiative

“Requesting eta, none of these houses are marked with addresses so i'm unable to locate…”

This is a problem first responders in Madison County face every single day.

They get called out to an emergency situation and then take too long looking for a house, or never find it all because its not marked.

Chief Deputy Steve Overton says the difference from having a visible house number to not, could be the difference between life and death.

“A couple weeks ago we have a deputy who had an infant choking, 9 month old infant choking. And he was able to respond and get there quick enough to clear the child's airway. Now what if he was not bale to find that house, what would’ve happened,” says Chief Overton.

That’s why the Madison County Sheriffs Office, along with other local organizations have partnered up for the help us find you initiative.

And it will affect much more than just the sheriffs department, others say it will help them when serving the community as well

And the Madison County Fire Department is making it easy for people to participate in this initiative by providing these big reflective signs that they’ll even install outside of your home.

The fire department says they've already seen a huge difference between homes that have them compared to ones that don't.

“As we respond to the communities these we've put up in the past few years really jump out at you,” says Fire Chief Eric Turner.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda

The fire department has the signs available for just 20 dollars.All people have to do is contact them at (731)424-5577.

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