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Heat safety for dangerously high temperatures

The thermometer says 93 degrees but the heat index could rise above 105, that’s according to the National Weather Service.

They say the heat wave will continue to affect Tennessee throughout the weekend.

And now, people are trying to do what they can to stay cool, even enjoying the new splash pad in Bemis is helping them do that.

“It's been fun its been keeping us cool,” says community member Amanda Strong.

Staying cool is just one of the many things people are advised to do during extreme heat.

Dr. Peter Gardner at Physicians Quality Care gives some examples of what heat could lead to if people aren't careful.

“People get weak, they get fatigued, their heart rate may accelerate, they may even run a temperature but they just feel fatigued they may even become a little mentally confused,” says Dr. Gardner.

He says the most important thing anyone can do is stay hydrated and he recommends drinking water as often as every 15 minutes.

During days like these that are extra hot everyone needs to take those safety precautions specially seniors who are just a little more vulnerable to the heat.

“They're probably not drinking as much as they probably should so dehydration is something we see a lot of so we need to make sure to push our fluids, stay cool, if you want to be outside and do activities go early in the morning or late in the evening that’s so much cooler on our senior population,” says Amanda Leitch with Home Instead Senior Care.

They also encourage the community to take immediate action if they see anyone with any heat related symptoms.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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