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Campers showcase their talents at Jackson Idol

A Jackson city tradition continues as kids from all over the city get on the stage of the Carl Perkins Civic Center to showcase their talents.

Jackson Idol has been around for over a decade and is something the students look forward to every year.

As all the camps in the city start to come to an end, they start preparing for Jackson Idol .

They each have their own talent shows, and then all 6 camps come together to perform and compete against one other.

“it’s a pretty close competition because we do have some very good very skilled people here,” says camper Keith Guy.

Today, there were about 30 students on the stage, and fellow campers and community members filled the audience.

As you can hear the crowd is very excited to be cheering on their peers, the stage continues to be filled with great talent and this just showcases all the great talent the kids have here in Jackson.

And it's not only the students that look forward to the annual event, the entire city enjoys seeing the talent.

“I look forward to it because i'm always amazed and surprised at the level of the talent we have at our camps with our young people,” says Tony Black.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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