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Governor Bill Lee meets with West Tennessee farmers

Governor Bill Lee made a stop in Dyer County to address a problem affecting much more than just rural Tennessee.

“Agriculture is 13 percent of the economy of Tennessee, it’s the largest economic driver of the state and this part of the state is primarily made up of agriculture economy,” says Governor Bill Lee.

Local farmers took the time to share with and show Governor Lee just how destructive recent Summer floods have been.

Rain has been off and on all year long and now remnants from Tropical Depression Barry has only made the situation worse.

Some farmers even say this may be the worst year they’ve experienced in their whole life.

“There's about 300-350 acres that we don’t think will get planted, were running out of time,” says Dyer County farmer Jimmy Hester.

“There's never been one that's lasted this long," says Lake County farmer Ed Sumara.

Governor Lee’s visit follows a meeting West Tennessee farmers had yesterday to address these problems.

He wanted to hear from the farmers, and see the land himself in order to try and convey help.

“I've seen land that’s not able to be planted that’s catastrophic for farmers when you cant plant you cant get a crop you cant make money to feed your family,” says Governor Lee.

This land is what the farmers are talking about. It hasn’t receded and might not recede for the rest of the year. It also stretches back thousands of acres which is why so many farmers say they're in trouble.

Governor Lee hopes bringing farmers together with local resources today helped the take one step towards recovery.

From Dyer County, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda

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