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Excessive Summer storms causing problems for West Tennessee farmers

“It's affected us yes and that’s why were here, to get answers,” says Dyer County farmer John Dodson.

John Dodson is one of the many farmers in West Tennessee who was hoping to get answers today.

Answers to what they should do after getting such large amounts of rainfall and flash flooding in the middle of summer.

“So a large portion of our county's affected by it because a large number of our most productive acres down in the river bottoms,” says Dodson.

Tennessee is just one of the many states along the Mississippi River being affected by this uncontrollable condition that's putting farmers in a variety of difficult situations.

The biggest problem isn’t just the rainfall from the last couple of days but that much farmland has been underwater since back in February and now might not recover this year.

This year has turned into what they're calling a perfect storm.

“You couple that with low commodity prices, the trade war that we're experiencing with china and the fact that they haven't been able to get in the field some of them,they haven't been able to plant their crop the first time and some that were able to plant their crop initially some of its underwater now," says Tennessee Commissioner of Agriculture Charlie Hatcher.

The farmers discussed the issues with the USDA, county officials, and legislators in hopes to reach a solution but a decision is yet to come.

For now they encourage farmers to stay vocal and go to their local Farm Service Agency to discuss available options.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.


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